Friday, April 3, 2020

April 3

Class 604 and 605

Hello kids and parents!

Good Morning Friday Inspirational Quotes - Happy Friday Quotes

Reading/Writing w/ Ms. Amede: Students will log into LightSail:
1.Work on reading for a minimum of 40 minutes. 
2. Jot ideas as you read.
3. Choose one idea as you read citing details from the text.
ENL Sipò Klas 604
Elèv yo ap konekte sou epi konplete devwa ou yo. Tcheke kont chemen ou pou devwa yo

Si w gen nenpòt kesyon ou ka imèl m 'nan oswa rele m' nan (732)497-2308 Kenbe w elèv yo gwo travay!

ENL فئة الدعم 604

سيقوم الطلاب بتسجيل الدخول إلى وإكمال المهام الخاصة بك. تحقق من حساب مسار التلميذ الخاص بك للواجبات

إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة ، يمكنك مراسلتي عبر البريد الإلكتروني على أو الاتصال بي على (732 )497-2308.

Math - Mr. Fortunat - - (914)338-8287
Learning Target:
*Students will solve problems that involve the area of regular quadrilaterals and composite figures.
1) Write the Learning Target in your notebook then copy the area formulas to use as reference:
     *Area of rectangle = LxW or bh
     *Area of parallelogram = bh
     *Area of triangle = 1/2 bh
     *Area of trapezoid = 1/2 (b1+b2)h
2) Join the Lesson in zoom at 10:00AM. Meeting Room will open by 9:50 AM.              Meeting ID or Code: 947 342 1875
     *Use your full name to be admitted. This is how attendance is taken.
3) Independent Practice / Assessment:
     *IXL > Learning > Math > 6th Grade > FF6, FF7, FF8, FF24
     *You may want to review the lesson by watching the clip on Area of Composite Figures:
     *Take your time to do each problem in your notebook before picking an answer.
5) Homework:
Part 1 (Due Friday, April 3, 2020 by 5:00. ) 

Science w/ Ms. S. Mitchell:

Update your Science notebook and your Table of Contents with current lessons.
B.  Watch your favorite movie with your family this weekend!👪


Physical Education: Ms. Thomspon 


1.Complete Edpuzzle Assignments (class codes below)
vClass: 604 – ijaleev

vClass: 605-siajjep

** Please make sure you only have 1 login account and are in the correct class. Your display name must be your first and last name.**

No name = No Credit

Health: Ms. Thompson


           1.Complete Monday’s Edpuzzle Assignment (class codes below)

vClass: 604-  ijaleev

vClass: 605-siajjep


sing! Sing! SING!!

All chorus assignments are due today
1. Acapella video
2. Melody and Harmony 

Make sure all of your work has your name and title 

If you are having trouble submitting work through Pupil Path, you may email your assignments to 

Art Literacy 605 & 607


Boots Riley - How Capitalism Needed Racism To Operate (247HH Exclusive)

How are Race and Capitalism Connected?


Complete KWL Chart. Click the link to see a sample KWL Chart

Respond- Choose 1 of the following questions to answer. You can create an audio recording of yourself answering and submit, you can record a video of you answering and submit, you can write your response or create a drawing that illustrates your response.

1. What is the function of racial stereotypes in a capitalist society?

2. How do racial stereotypes feed institutionalized racism?

*Examples of Institutionalized racism:

·       Stop and Frisk

·       Jim Crow Laws

·       Voter Suppression

Want to know more? Further reading:

Assignment due Monday, 4/6/2020

Submit assignments via email to

Email me with any questions!

Dance Test
Copy and Paste into new document, complete and submit to me via email

Written questions
1.     A canon in which the leader begins the phrase, stops midway through and waits for each person after them to complete that exact phrase one after the other before the leader continues the remaining movements of the phrase followed by each person after them completing the remaining movements of the phrase one after the other.
Example: 1. A,B; 2. A,B; 3. A,B 1. C,D; 2. C,D; 3.C,D

2.     Two or more people doing the same movements at the same time but in a different order. Example:
A, B, C, D; B, C, D, A; C, D, A, B; D, A, B, C


2 Matching questions

Building Up
A.    A person who creates and designs dances for the stage.
B.    A canon in which each person waits one count before joining in with the person before them versus starting the phrase from the beginning. Example:
1. A, B, C, D 2. B, C, D 3. C, D 4. D

2 Multiple choice questions
1.     A structure in which one movement phrase is executed by two or more dancers with staggered starting points.
1.     Follow The Leader
2.     Start/ Stop
3.     Canon
4.     Building Up
2.     Two or more people doing the same movement(s) one after the other, waiting 3-4 counts before starting after the person in front of them.
1.     Follow The Phrase
2.     Choreographic devices
3.     All Together
4.     Choreographer

2 True/False questions
1.     Two or more people doing the same movement(s) one after the other waiting 1- 2 counts before starting after the person in front of them.
  Follow The Leader
2.     Methods used to change, develop and/ or vary movement phrases.  Follow The Phrase
Short Answer:
Why do choreographers use Choreographic Devices?

Compare and contrast ‘Unison’ ‘Non – Unison’ and ‘Canon’

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