Thursday, April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Class 604 and 605 

Hello kids and parents! Today is College Readiness Day!

Attendance Check-In

To submit your attendance, you must complete the following College Readiness Activity.

1. Follow this link to take an interactive tour: & click “Students & Parents”  (you search by location, type in the name of a college you know, or scroll down & choose the one you think looks fun!)

2. Choose a college or university you’d like to explore

3. Answer the questions in the Google form below

**** You must complete this chart (name, class, questions) then submit one time only”****

ENL SUPPORT  Class 604 April 9, 2020

مرحبًا بالأطفال والآباء! اليوم هو يوم الاستعداد للكلية!
الحضور الحضور
لتقديم الحضور ، يجب عليك إكمال نشاط جاهزية الكلية التالي.

1. اتبع هذا الرابط للقيام بجولة تفاعلية: وانقر على "الطلاب وأولياء الأمور" (يمكنك البحث حسب الموقع أو كتابة اسم الكلية التي تعرفها أو التمرير لأسفل واختيار واحدة تعتقد أنها تبدو ممتعة!)

2. اختر الكلية أو الجامعة التي ترغب في استكشافها

3. أجب عن الأسئلة في نموذج Google أدناه

Physical Education and Health- Ms. Thompson- 

1)  Assignments Due today @ 11:59 pm:
·      Health: Coronavirus and Protecting Our bodies: Handwashing 
·      Physical Education: 20 min workout and A healthy Heart Rate 

2)  Continue completing 3physical education and health assignment on
Edpuzzle for the week. - Due Monday @ 11:59pm

3)  For class codes please see previous Blogs, Remind, Skedula, or class Dojo post.

Ms. Adams/Counselor 

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Activity Time:

1) Write the name of your destination in the middle of a piece of construction paper (copy paper)

2) Decorate/describe with words and pictures the details of why you wanted to go there in the first place. Include things that make you happy!

3) If possible, cut out pictures from magazines/clip art, etc. and glue them on for a collage-like effect.
Make your creation as colorful and imaginative as can be, so if you or anyone were to look at it, it would feel like you were already there…enjoy!

Then consider the following:

4)) Why would you want to go here?
5) Who would you invite to go with you and why?
This week we listening to and observing the performances of four different choirs. I look forward to reviewing your responses and remember, for the expression question your responses should be based on what you heard only NOT what you saw. 
Due Friday, April 10th @11:59 PM
Submit to

Subject line: Chorus Evaluations

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