Tuesday, April 7, 2020

April 7

Class 604 and 605

Hello kids and parents!

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Reading/Writing: Students will log into LightSail:
1.Work on reading for a minimum of 40 minutes. 
2. Jot ideas as you read.
3. Choose one idea as you read citing details from the text.
LightSail link: https://reader.lightsailed.com/Reader/#/login

Science w/ S. Mitchell: smitche6@schools.nyc.gov

1.  Please have your Science notebook ready and open to the next available page.
2.  We will begin a new unit/topic today in Amplify Science.
3.  Exit Tickets are due by Thurs. 4/9/2020 @ 9am.

“Big Storms in Galetown” Video

Math - Mr. Fortunat - kfortun@schools.nyc.gov - (914)338-8287
Learning Target:
     *I can use nets to find the surface area of a rectangular prism
1) Write the lesson target in your notebook
2) Join Zoom Meeting at 10:00 AM for homework Review and Attendance
    Meeting ID: 947 342 1875
    Password: 543376 
3) Homework Review and Mini-Lesson
    Go to this site to read about 3D figures, net, surface area, rectangular prism:
    You may want to view this link to learn how to find the surface area of a rectangular prism:
4) Independent Work:
     a) Find the surface area

b) Victor wrapped the gift box shown with adhesive paper (with no overlaps). How much paper did he use (surface area)?

5) Homework: (Due by 5:00 PM. Do neatly in your notebook. Send picture to (914)338-8287)
    a) Find the surface area of this cereal box:
    b) Yolanda makes wooden boxes for a crafts fair. She makes 100 boxes like the one shown, and she wants to paint all the outside faces.
        * Find the surface area of one box.
        * Find the total surface area of all 100 boxes.
        * One can of paint will cover 14,000 square inches. How many cans of paint will Yolanda need to buy?


Physical Education- Ms. Thompson- Due Friday @ 11:59pm

Learning Objectives: 
1.Students will be able to identify their own resting, target, and max Heart Rate.
2.Students will be able to find their own target heart rate range afterperforming a 35 min workout at home.

Once your start the workout you must complete it
·     You can take breaks but can’t finish later once started

1)Login your Edpuzzle account (class codes below)
o  604-ijaleev

o  605-siajjep

1)  Watch pulse video and Complete Both Physical Education Assignments
2)  Please make sure you use only 1 account and are in the correct class
3)  Remember don’t cheat yourself !!

ENL Support Class 604
Congratulations! to those who have been logging on daily! You are doing a great Job! Remember to Please login to Pupil Path for today's (4/7/20) assignment. Thank you! ENL Students remember to please login daily to imagine learning for at least 45 minutes and check your pupil path for ongoing assignment and supportive resources. Link: Imaginelearning.com/login

دعم ENL
تهانينا! لأولئك الذين تم تسجيل الدخول يوميا! إنك تقوم بعمل عظيم! تذكر أن يرجى تسجيل الدخول إلى Pupil Path لتعيين اليوم (4/7/20). شكرا لكم! ENL يتذكر الطلاب أن يرجى تسجيل الدخول يوميًا لتخيل التعلم لمدة 45 دقيقة على الأقل والتحقق من مسار التلميذ الخاص بك للتخصيص المستمر والموارد الداعمة. الرابط: Imaginelearning.com/login

Sipò ENL
Konpliman! bay moun ki te antre nan chak jou! Ou ap fè yon gwo travay! Sonje Souple konekte nan Pupil Path pou plasman jodi a (4/7/20). Mèsi! Elèv ENL yo sonje tanpri konekte chak jou pou imajine aprantisaj la pou omwen 45 minit epi tcheke chemen ou pou plasman kontinyèl ak resous ki bay sipò. Lyen: Imaginelearning.com/login


Health-Ms. Thompson- Due Friday @ 11:59pm

Learning Objective- 
1)    Continue to focus on ways of protecting themselves from Coronavirus. 
2)     Students will be able to identify what social distancing is and how it affects our mental health? 

1) Login your Eduzzle account (class codes below)
o   604-ijaleev

o   605-siajjep

     2) Watch video and answer questions (read questions carefully)
     3) Please make sure use have only 1 account and are in the correct class

**Contact me at BThompson14@schools.nyc.gov with any and all questions.*

What is synesthesia? What is musicality?
What stood out for you?
What do you wonder?

Learning Target: Students will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of 4 choral performances in the following areas: harmony, diction/clarity of words, expression, stage presence, and uniformity.

Submit Observations to bbartion@schools.nyc.gov

Kanye West’s Sunday Service: 26:28-28:30 or 28:30 – 34:30 

David Byrne & The Brooklyn Youth Chorus – “One Fine Day”

“Say Something” – Stellenbosch University Choir

“ Don’t Give Up On Me” Andy Grammer and P.S. 22 Choir

View each recording and evaluate the choir’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the following areas.

1 1.  Harmony: Does the choir sing with clean and distinct harmonies? Explain.
2 2. Diction and Clarity of words: Could you clearly hear and understand every word the choir sung? Explain.
3 3.Expression: Close your eyes and listen to the song. Can you tell the mood of the song just by hearing the expression of their voices? Does their expression match the text? Explain.
4 4.  Stage Presence: Was their stage presence attention grabbing? Were they living in the moment and using their full body to sing and express the music?  Explain.
5 5.  Uniformity: Was there a costume? Were there variations, a theme, or did everyone have on the same thing? Explain.

Ms. Adams/Counselor
Students will:
Express positive feelings about themselves; build self-esteem
Strengthen their own identity
Appreciate positive traits in others.
Identify personality traits that makes them special.


Build a Tradition

Though most family traditions evolve over time, take this opportunity to build a brand new one. Choose a comfortable time for everyone to gather, such as breakfast, dinner or between favorite TV shows. Share the ‘building blocks’ for creating a new family tradition listed below. Discuss all the possibilities for Who? What? When? Where? and How? Circle the best ‘building blocks’ to help build your new family tradition (circle as many as apply). Is it just that easy? Try it and see! 

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