Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 31

Class 604 and 605

Hello kids and parents!

Happy Last Day of March! | im 4 students

Science w/Ms. S. Mitchell

Congrats to all the students who practiced their skills on IXL Science last week! You Rock!

Please continue:
A. Journal Writing Response on emojisDue Friday April 3 @ 9 am.  Take a pic of your notebook page with your response + emoji drawing and send it to smitche6@schools.nyc.gov with YOUR NAME/CLASS. 
Please begin:
B.  IXL Skill I.1 (Thermal Energy ) Predict heat flow and temperature changes   Complete All Challenges. Due Weds. April 1,2020. 

Reading/Writing: Students will log into LightSail:
1.Work on reading for a minimum of 40 minutes. 
2. Jot ideas as you read.
3. Choose one idea as you read citing details from the text.

Math - Mr. Fortunat - kfortun@schools.nyc.gov - (914)338-8287
Learning Target:
     *Students will find the area of composite figures by breaking them into simpler shapes.
1) Write the Learning Target in your notebook
2) Join the Lesson in zoom at 10:00AM. Meeting Room will open by 9:50 AM.
    https://zoom.us/j/9473421875              Meeting ID or Code: 947 342 1875
     * Use your full name to be admitted. This is how attendance is taken.
3) Mini-Lesson and Independent Practice:
     * Follow a video clip of the actual lesson by clicking on the following link:
     https://edpuzzle.com/open/isufuhs              Code: isufuhs
     * Copy the shapes and do the work in your notebook when asked. Then type your answer online.
5) Homework:
Part 1 (Due by 5:00. Send picture of your work to (914)338-8287 )
     a) Find the area of these composite figures. 
 b) Find the area of the shaded part of the figure.

Part 2 (Setting up a Google Classroom Account - Do this before tomorrow)
     *step 1) Get your account ID and Password from the DOE by clicking on this link:                                         https://idm.nycenet.edu/students/start.form
     *step 2) Go to https://idpcloud.nycenet.edu/
     *step 3) Enter your DOE student account email (from step 1)
     *step 4) Enter your password and sign in
     *step 5) 604 students, enter the class code: jdquwhv
                   605 students, enter the class code: rmt7gml
Any difficulties with Google Classroom? Let me know. (914)338-8287

Physical Education: (Due FRIDAY)

Learning Objectives: 
1.Students will be able to identify how to measure an individuals Heart Rate. 
2.Students will be able to check their own resting and working heart rate while performing a 20 min workout at home.

Class 604:
                  1.Students will login their Edpuzzle account (class code:ijaleev)
                  2. Complete 2 videos and answers questions 

Class: 605:
1.Complete Monday’s Edpuzzle Assignment 
2. Class code:siajjep

Health: (Due FRIDAY)
Learning Objective- Students will be able to identify proper hand-washing techniques used to protect our bodies from different infections and viruses.

Class 604:
            1.Students will login their Edpuzzle account (class code:ijaleev)
 2. Complete video and answers questions on proper hand-washing techniques.

Class: 605:
            1.Students will login their Edpuzzle account (Class code:siajjep)
 2. Complete video and answers questions on proper hand-washing techniques.

**Contact me at BThompson14@schools.nyc.gov with any and all questions.**


Now that you have refreshed our memory of harmony and melody and all it contains. Think about the many songs we’ve sung in class, all containing beautiful harmonies. Watch this short video about harmony. Choose a starting pitch, C – E – G identified in the video and build the melody of your short tune around that pitch.

Grade 6 you will receive the melody of the song.
You will then choose which two pitches you will choose which two notes you’d like to use to create your harmony around.

Zoom meeting:
If you have any questions about this week’s assignment, you may reach me through zoom today, between 1:00 PM and 2:20 PM. 

Choreographic mini project part II

  • Choreograph movement phrases to part A & B of your selected song.
  • See some examples below of the different ways dancers use space in solo dance work.

Alvin Ailey- I wanna Be Ready at minute 17:55- 20:22

Forces of Nature Dance Theatre- E.R.

Camille A. Brown- Ink Solo


Akosua Akoto- Joey B. Beginning

  • Consider these questions and the Elements of Dance SPACE Table linked above.

What levels are being used?
Where is your focus?
What size are your movements?
Where in space are you traveling?

  • Record and submit video to abartonrichardson@schools.nyc.gov

Due Friday, April 3, 2020

Please email me with any questions @abartonrichardson@schools.nyc.gov

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