Monday, March 23, 2020

March 23

Hey, 6th grade! Classes 604 and 605

We miss you all!

Monday Check In: How are you feeling??

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Today's Goal : Learning how remote learning is going to look and registering for the sites. 

Task 1: Kids, make sure you sign up for Remind! With parent permission register for the Remind app. This is a good way for you to get the daily updates/reminders - and you can always reach out to us! 

Task 2: Physical Education: 
Learning Objective - Students will learn how to take their pulse
Please refer to skedula for your assignment.

Task 3: Reading/Writing: Students will log into LightSail:
1.Work on reading for a minimum of 40 minutes. 
2. Jot ideas as you read.
3. Choose one idea as you read citing details from the text.
*Additional assignments for the poetry unit will be accessed when you log into LightSail. 
Please login to Pupil Path for today's (3/23/20) assignment. Thank you!
ENL Students please login to imagine learning for at least 45 minutes and check your pupil path for ongoing assignment and supportive resources.

Inicie sesión en Pupil Path para la tarea de hoy (3/23/20). ¡Gracias! Los estudiantes de ENL deben iniciar sesión para imaginar el aprendizaje durante al menos 45 minutos y verificar la ruta de su alumno para la asignación continua y los recursos de apoyo.

يرجى تسجيل الدخول إلى Pupil Path لتعيين اليوم ENL الطلاب يرجى تسجيل الدخول لتصور التعلم لمدة   بك للتخصيص45 دقيقة على الأقل والتحقق من مسار . (3/23/20). شكرا لكم!الداعمة.المستمر والموارد التلميذ الخاص 
Tanpri konekte nan Path Path pou plasman jodi a (3/23/20). Mèsi!

Elèv ENL tanpri konekte imajine aprantisaj pou omwen 45 minit epi tcheke chemen ou pou devwa kontinyèl 
ak resous sipò

Task 4: Science with Amplify
Please login to your Amplify accounts using Clever.  If you have a problem please reach out to Ms. Mitchell. Follow the link below to be prompted to our Clever homepage. 

We will continue where we left off and make connections in the Thermal Energy unit/Chapt. 2, Lesson 2.4 -Tab 5 (Homework).  Read the article, "Molecule Collisions and Newton's Cradle". Then, annotate the article with at least 2 questions or ideas.  Last, answer the question and Hand In. This is due on Tues. 3/24 @ 9am.

Task 5: Math - Mr. Fortunat - (914)338-8287
Learning Targets:

   Students will explain how to use rectangles to find the area of parallelograms.

   Students will find the area of parallelograms by using the area formula.

   Students will find the missing dimension of a parallelogram given its area.

The lesson will be conducted on zoom. Join the Meeting by 10:00AM. Attendance will be taken. Click on the link below to join (or type it):

The meeting ID or code is 947 342 1875

For Independent Practice log onto

604 students register through this link

605 students register through this link
Homework to turn in by 5:00PM. Take a picture of your work and text it to (914)338-8287
IXL is ongoing
#1) A window in the shape of a parallelogram has a base of 36 inches and a height of 45 inches. What is the area of the window?

#2) A parking space shaped like a parallelogram has a base of 17 feet and a height of 9 feet. A car parked in the space is 16 feet long and 6 feet wide. How much of the parking space is not covered by the car?

#3) Use what you know about the area of a rectangle to explain why the area of a parallelogram is              A = base x height

Task 6: Ms. Liddell - Theater: Costume Design
Objective: Students identify and understand the information and the research necessary to convey a design for a show. Students start with costume design: They practice putting together a costume plot and create a sample design inspiration board.
Access and complete assignment in PupilPath.
  • Part I: Journal Prompt: Think about your favorite movie and describe what three of the characters were wearing at some point in the movie.
  • Part II: Create a costume plot for The Lion King, Jr.

Task 7: Ms. A. Barton

Learning Target: I can explore different types of canon in dance relying on video and flashcards to assist me distinguish one type of canon from another.


Start your day with meditation. Choose from the Salif Keita meditation   used daily in class or the visual shape growing meditation . If you have a soothing meditative song you would like to use instead, please use it and share the link to the song with me at I would love to hear what sounds you like.

Warm Up!

v  Warm Up Part I w/ Video

v  Warm Up Part II w/ video

v  Warm Up audio w/o Video


Click the link below to view the video we watched in class breaking down of the five types of canon.

Dance Examples of Canon!

Click the links below to view brief clips of Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite with her piece "The seasons' canon" ballet. Notice the canon present in her dance and the level of interest it adds to her piece.

 Study and Test!

Click the link below to use a study set on Quizlet. Quizlet is a tool that helps you study any subject. The study set is called Choreographic Device- Canon. It contains 8 terms. You will be tested on this next week!

Art Literacy Class 605 and 607 (Dance)

Learning Target: I can analyze WEB Dubois’ concepts of Double Consciousness and The Veil and compare and contrast it to Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem “We Wear The Mask”.


Paul Laurence Dunbar (P.L. Dunbar)- We Wear The Mask


W.E.B. DuBois' The Souls of Black Folk: Two Worlds Thesis


Create a ven diagram to help you perceive relationships between WEB Dubois’ theories and P.L. Dunbar’s poem. How are they similar and in what ways, if any, are they different?

Ven Diagram template

Submit completed ven diagram to me via email by Friday, March 27th, 2020

Task 8 Chorus: Melody and Harmony
Objective: Students will gain a deeper understanding of harmony and melody in music.
o    Log into
§  Username: jhs61
§  Password: brainpop
§  Search: Harmony and Melody
o   Part 1:
§  Watch short video: Melody and Harmony
·        Complete quiz for a deeper understanding

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