Thursday, April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020

Class 604 and 605

Hello kids and parents!

Today you will test your tech skills by activating your NYC DOE email/password, exploring our  Virtual Field Trips, and completing your Daily Attendance in our new location, Google Classroom!  Please read all directions several times and take your time.  
If you have already activated your NYC DOE email, then move straight to Google Classroom. 

 1. How to Join Google Classroom (Laptop/Desktop)
     *step 1) Get your account ID and Password from the DOE by clicking on this link:
     *step 2) Go to
     *step 3) Enter your DOE student account username
     *step 4) Enter your password and sign in
     *step 5) Click on Google Classroom icon
     *step 6) Click Join 604/605 Combined class

2. How to Join Google Classroom (Cellphone/Tablet)
      *step 1) Download the Google Classroom App      
      *step 2) Login with the NYC DOE student email/password       
      *step 3) Click Join 604/605 Combined class

Attention: You cannot join Google Classroom with your personal account. You must ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT with the NYC DOE student email/password ex. 

Our Google Classroom Page Looks Like This and our Class Code is x5rzv6m:

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