Friday, March 27, 2020

March 27

Class 604 and 605

Hello Kids and Parents!

Happy Friday!

 Science:  Journal Writing Due Next Friday 4/3/2020 @ 9 am. Directions to follow on how to submit your writing to me. 

Be sure to read your instructions several times before you begin your task. 
1. Have your Science notebook read and open to the next available page.
2. Learning Target: I will complete a Journal Write using the Writing in Science Checklist.
3. Use the Google Search box and type: all about emojis science world
4.Click the first entry
5.Scroll to watch the video about the history of emojis
6. Complete the prompt below:
Which emojis do you think are missing? It's your turn to come up with an idea for a new emoji—sketch a design in your notebook, and write a short paragraph describing it.
What does it look like?
What category is it in?
How do you think people will use it when they're sending a text?

Need Help?
Use the sentence prompt below to help with your writing:
The next emoji that I would like design would be______________________.  Also, my new emoji idea would look like_____________________ and have_______________. In addition, it would be in the category of____________________.  Finally, I think people will use it when_______________________________.

Reading/Writing: Students will log into LightSail:
1.Work on reading for a minimum of 40 minutes. 
2. Jot ideas as you read.
3. Choose one idea as you read citing details from the text.
Class 604 Mr. Noesi will be on providing zoom to provide ENL support with Ms. Amede at 9:00am to share ENL resources for remote learning ID: 289 413 706

ENL Support
Rember to Please login to Pupil Path for today's (3/27/20) assignment. Thank you! ENL Students remember to please login daily to imagine learning for at least 45 minutes and check your pupil path for ongoing assignment and supportive resources. Link: Inicie sesión en Pupil Path para la tarea de hoy (3/27/20). ¡Gracias!

Los estudiantes de ENL deben iniciar sesión para imaginar el aprendizaje durante al menos 45 minutos y verificar la ruta de su alumno para la asignación continua y los recursos de apoyo. 

Tanpri konekte nan Path Path pou plasman jodi a (3/27/20). Mès

Math - Mr. Fortunat - - (914)338-8287
Learning Targets:
   * Students will use formulas to solve problems about area of rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and triangles.
Today, students will need their login info for IXL.
Lesson starts on zoom at 10:00AM. Join by 9:50 AM.

Meeting ID or code: 947 342 1875

   *Use your full name to be admitted. This is how attendance is taken.

   *Stay in a quiet area. Come in ready with notebook and pencil.

   *Log into IXL.
Below is how the lesson will "flow:"

Homework Review


   *Follow the lesson During the Zoom meeting.

Independent Practice 

Do all assigned Exercises in your notebook. For each problem, write the formula. That is how you will remember it. I will randomly ask ZOOMers to share their answers. Be ready.


Part 1 (Due by Sunday 5:00 PM in preparation of Quiz on Monday)
 * IXL > Learning > 6th Grade > FF.2, FF.3, FF.4, FF.5 
Part 2
By Monday, we will migrate to the "Google Classroom" Platform. To do so, students need to do the following:
     *step1) Get your account ID and Password from the DOE by clicking on this link:
     *step2) Go to
     *step3) Enter your DOE student account email (from step 1)
     *step4) Enter your password and sign in
     *step5) Click on Google Classroom
Any difficulties? Let me know (914)338-8287

Chorus: Melody and Harmony
Today is the day, all work is due on Pupil Path!

Art Literacy
Reminder: Your creative element assignments are due today.

Theater: Costume Design
Happy Friday Theater Tribes! Assignments are due today. If you are having difficulty downloading the assignment from Pupil Path or uploading them back to me, you can email the completed assignment to me at
Enjoy the weekend! 

Physical Education - Class 605

Reminder - Please refer to pupilpath for your assignment posted on Monday 3/23/20. It is due on Monday 3/30/20.

Heslth 604,605:  Continued
Many Students are still missing!!! All Work is Due Today!!

Learning Objective-  Students will be able to identify Coronavirus and different ways of keeping their body healthy from the virus
            1.Students will create an edpuzzle account (using the link below)
            2. Link for 604-           
            3. Link for 605-          
            4. Please be sure your display name includes (First, Last Name)

            5. watch short video and answers questions based on Coronavirus 

**Contact me at with any and all questions.**


Mini Choreographic assignment due today Fri. 3/27

  • Click the link below and read the contents of the page. Watch the video and complete the "On your own" activity at the bottom of the page. Submit to
  • Example of notation of song structure.
  • Clink the link below and practice for test next Friday on choreographic devices and canon.
If you do not understand something or need assistance please email me at

Art Literacy 605 & 607

Ven Diagram Assignment due today Fri. 3/27. Email me to submit work or with any questions.

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